Life Begins At 60


Life Begins At 60

Life Begins At 60

My Sense of Humor: Life Begins at 60 I would not know…

I wrote this when my friend turned 60 and I refuse to say how old I am since I feel and act much younger.
Dedicated to everyone who forgets their age and goes on with their lives with a smile:

Life begins at 60 so they tell and they say
Your bones become really brittle and you need more vitamins each day
Life begins at 60 I really would not know
Being young and in such good shape I’m always on the go

Life begins at 60 for those of you who are
Prescriptions for Viagra are on so this month so far
Life begins at 60 when you get up with aches and pains
Life begins at 60 you feel it when it rains

You cannot bend you need depends and you always have to go
Life begins at 60 I‘m too young you know
Life begins at 60 when I forget where I put my keys
Aricept and Namenda will your memory improve with ease

Life begins at 60 when a laxative helps you go
I find this very informative for one so young you know
Life begins at 60 when antiques mean older men
Looking at the young chicks can really make you yen

For younger days when you could snap and all the girls came to you
Now you just take a glance and forget why you’re doing it that’s true
Life begins at 60 for those of you that old
Remember the days when a movie was just a quarter I’m told

Your younger years were spent pretending to be forest ranger
You tried to protect everyone with your arsenal from danger
Life begins at 60 and it’s time to let your memory slide
Because age is just a number and you have too much pride

To let a young guy like you let it bother you today
Age is just a number you look 20 years younger in every way

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  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Speak for yourself Gabina49. I’m past sixty and boy do I know it. But then I’m a guy, not a svelte young thing like you 😀

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