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Let Me

Let me love you..

I’m trying to give you what’s left of me..
Our hearts beat the same
but I need you right next to me,

Put down that wall
and let your emotions flow through,
friends say that’s a bad idea,
but its different..

I’ve been hurt too..
We can walk hand & hand down this road,
trust I can be true to you,
theirs more to love than sex,
I want to bring out the happiness in you..

But understand tears will flow &
I’ll be there to hold you &
wipe them away, I’m human so I admit..
I will make mistakes..

I’m no knight in shiny armor
but I can protect you..
no dream or fantasy but I’m thinking of you.
Always & forever ?
No I’m not making promises Iono if I can keep..

Yes I want you in my future
ut thats a bold statement..
dont you think??
This won’t be easy,
so dont push me away,
you stay true to me is all I ask &
we will be okay

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