Leave Your Mark


Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark

Back in the tenders of my youth,
I was going to leave my mark on this world,
I placed my mark on the wall and along came the painters,
They just repainted the wall. My mark was gone.

I went to the river and jumped in,
The size of me in that water surely would make a difference,
When I go out the water went back the way it was before.
My mark on the river was not gone.

I went high into the air and flew leaving a trail across the sky.
Soon after I landed the wind and air currents erased my trail.
Only about five feet and seven inches tall, determined to leave my mark.
I traveled all around this country and this Old World and came back home.

Nobody knew or did seem to care what I had seen or did,
Sitting quietly under the trees and the world didn’t seem to care.
As long as you fit in the colors and blend into a daily routine of people,
Make a scene and do something weird people remember only for a short time.

Place your hand in the bucket of water,
Pull it out of the water it goes back to what it was before.
Breathe too much air and nobody cares.
Borrow somebody’s air, underwater people get all upset.

Fleshy –damped face and deeply notched forehead,
Apologetic eyes and time oval-shaped mouth,
Wrinkles on the cheeks with an aging chin with a slit potbelly,
People think you fit in, as one of them.

Write a book and leave your mark of words for the eyes of men.
If they like your words, maybe they will remember you then.
Leave the words unfinished like a newborn that hasn’t walked yet.
Your future as an Author is fragile and on rocky shores.

Bewildering as a mask life is what you get.
Nobody missed us till we’re gone.
Those only for a short while it like the breeze.
So walk next to me and enjoy my apologetic eyes and feeling of the heart.

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