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The Last Time (Unfinished Business)

The Last Time (Unfinished Business)

The Last Time (Unfinished Business)

Maybe it was that you already knew it would be the last time we made love…
I felt you then
And even still I feel you here
Touching me as you last did
You started at the soles of my feet
You kissed each 

Then you cupped my heel in both hands as you licked between my toes
I could not help it,
I giggled as you proceeded to lick
My arches too
Then palm to sole you held my foot and kissed each one
As if I were royalty
Turned them slowly and
Sucked my ankles between your teeth and bit lightly into my flesh
Flattened your tongue and made trails
It got serious then

Because I never knew I could be so vulnerable
Coming to realize and
Saying aloud, pleading:
You just don’t understand, you just don’t understand,
You cannot understand:

How could you
Handle me as I if were a rose petal
Delicate and soft as if you were
Trying to keep from breaking me

You seared my calves and thighs till you
Dipping your tongue
Like a kitten drinking milk
Not a drop did you spill
Honey trickled from the sweetness of my
The lands below
I purred
My body sang
As this was only the foreplay

You seduced my mental long before

In my loins you
Made deposits
As if my entire body were soil
Like it was planting season
Turing me in, over, and on
Into the night
For hours
We did not sleep
We did not want to.

The last time you loved me
You kneaded my flesh
There was no part of me untouched
We communed in spirit
Met in the celestial realm
I vibrated into
Cosmic bliss
And I still cannot
Finish this…

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