Last Days


LAST-DAYS September

‘Twas the ninth of September,
That day I chose,
To ready myself,
For one final dangerous road.
Just wanted the fame, the wealth, the prestige,
So I made my plans,
For a future of ease.

I never considered what that day would bring,
I packed up my guns, my satchels, my wings,
I rounded the city,
Took stock of the land,
Didn’t care who was watching,
Or the pity I’d feel,
Just wanted to feel like I was a big wheel.

I staked out the corners,
Watched children at play,
Knowing all would be over,
Before end of day.

I saw the fat guard, standing o’er by the door,
Watching the entrance,
Unaware of what was in store,
Then a normal day’s paycheck,
Just that, nothing more.

When I thought all was clear,
I braved jumping the walk,
I made my calm entrance,
Made little talk.

I nodded at Tubby,
I caused no suspicion,
If I didn’t get away,
I knew I’d end up in prison.

I scanned all the people,
Took note of alarms,
Noticed one beauty,
Admired her charms.

I selected my patsy,
The easiest prey,
Then got in her line,
To start my day.

The unsuspecting woman,
Smiled brightly at my face,
Just before I whipped out my gun,
And my small can of mace.

With a shriek of pain,
The woman fell back,
Screaming and crying,
As I made my attack.

Bounding over the counter,
I shoved her aside,
Terrifying the tellers,
Feeling smug pride.

Down on their faces,
I forced them to,
Only one had the bravery,
To ask what she should do.

The vault was wide open,
The wealth everywhere,
I traded lives for greenbacks,
Then tossed her a share.

She filled all the bags,
With all they could hold,
Not counting the losses,
As she stared at the gold.

Taken aback by the scene,
Tubby was frozen in place,
As I livened up his boredom
With my trusty can of mace.

As I bolted past his station,
Shoving his bulk aside,
I dashed my way right past him,
To the waiting car outside.

I made for my car,
I’d left running to flee,
I knew I’d make it,
Just the loot…and me.

But not before some grandma,
Watching me run,
Put her hand on a trigger,
And shot me with her loaded gun.

“Drop it, baby!
“Drop it!
“Put your gun down!”
Were the last words I heard,
As I hit the ground.

Sirens were blaring,
As I struggled to breathe,
So much for my dreams,
Of a life of great ease.

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