Lady on a Wall


Pleaded on a phone

for a miracle – you
had held your hands
on my eyes and I
still see –

but it wasn’t me
who needed you –
near a rest room –
near a lobby –
near the entrance
to intensive care

I cried out loud
and begged you to
give her one more

You – cured my eyes
you held me close –
you told me only – me
what to believe – showed
me miracles do happen

It made me think of
the lady on the wall –
half floating, yet talking
to me – when I was
destroying my own life –
or – they did?
A lady on the wall,
floating – let me know
it would be fine and to

I guess it was your
time and life was at its
end – as if my tears
my prayers, unheard –
but for years I have
believed, you listened
then –

The lady on the wall
may have saved me –
long ago.

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