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On a pink cushion, I see you lying there

You look so delicate, gentle & meek

Your eyes so wide & bright, they stare

They dart around the room to seek

Your smile lights up when you see

A face you recognise or a voice you know

It’s the first time you’ve met me

As with you, the toys, I then show

You reach out your hand to feel

The ones, I placed by your head

As close beside you, I then kneel

From you, not a word is said

You just laugh & look to see

Reach out with a clenched fist

You look, smile & laugh at me

My emotions must then desist

It’s so hard to see you there

You’re so beautiful & in need

Of attention, love & care

So my love I will then feed

When it’s time for you to eat

To “Get Up” is all you say

I put your shoes on your feet

Then in the sling you sway

Transferred to your chair

And wheeled to the dining room

The life you have isn’t fair

Your smile still lifts the gloom

With the care & love I serve

My tears, I‘ll hold, deep inside

For the life you don’t deserve

Then at home I’ll no longer hide

I can now express my grief

That’s what I have to do

It will give me some relief

Until the next time I see you

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