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For Japan in her hour of pain…

Arise, arise, swift soaring sensei soul of immortal Japan!

You shall not falter, you shall not fail

You are the steel of a Katana, with the patience of woman

You are the breath of a storm, the Kashima set sail

You are the Samurai on horseback with bow at the ready

You are the weird of the White Wolf, red eyes glaring

You are invincible, I have faith in your Kami

Love and pain, what we see… all that is intrepid daring

To love more, to passion, to bear more pain, tenderness, to persevere

For you are Japan! The garden of Mount Fuji, pearl of truth at dawn

Hope is in your blood, you do not know the meaning of fear

And you shall arise again, to illuminate us like the morning Sun!

March 16, 2011 – Konrad Tademar

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