Judge and Jury


Judge and Jury

Judge and Jury

To be the judge
To be the jury
To be the executioner

It was given to me to do these things in my life
To myself
For myself
Not them
I am uncensored
And I live in my skin comfortably
A woman in every sense
Very much at peace with my past
Yet others will continue to deliberate
Moderate my sentencing to their own jail cells, their own mental hell…

As I walk a road that was paved with stones so unforgiving
I need not your absolution
Nor do I seek vindication
For in the end
I am the only maker that I have to seek for penance of my transgressions
My past made me who I am
A woman sensitive to others
A sexual being who walks freely in feeling with multiple options taken as opportunity did grant them

A mother
A lover of all
A soul ripe for harvest

A daughter
In the end
I will return to the dust
Only to be resurrected in another form

I walk not in shame for anything that I have done and need not atonement for that which is or has already been done

As it is that I have offended and transgressed against my fellow woman or man because I didn’t see the need to divulge what was plainly visible if you look and see, I can ask for forgiveness, but the only exoneration that will matter at the ending of this phrase will be mine to give or take.

So if it is that you have been burdened to be purged for allowing me in…consider the seasons and the reasons of the placement of people in our lives…remember that we are what we attract even on the most repressed levels of our personalities…good, bad, ugly or indifferent…I am still a multifaceted woman whose light will continue to draw in spite of my would-be flaws.

  1. Avatar of Levi Call
    Levi Call says

    Simply put: nice poem!

  2. Avatar of Jonathan Ishmael
    Jonathan Ishmael says

    Hi from Patagonia! I found that remarkably interesting. Thanks for the post. I will be back to look for more tomorrow.

  3. Avatar of Alec Ronsani
    Alec Ronsani says

    the judge, the jury, the executioner, wow, this has enormous potential!!!

  4. Avatar of Stefanie Wilder
    Stefanie Wilder says

    I have been here reading for about half an hour. I am a newbie but your post is valuable for me.

  5. Avatar of Simon Pescatore
    Simon Pescatore says

    Like it, will check your stuff.

  6. Avatar of Louis Vega
    Louis Vega says

    poem full of sensitive images

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