It’s Never Too Late


It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

Before it’s too late let them know how you feel
Before it’s too late, say what you think and make it real
Don’t say I will do this tomorrow instead of today
Call the person even go out of your way

When people  are not in your line of sight you tend to forget
All the things they did for you and you will soon regret
Not calling or telling them how much you care and more
Life is unexpected and you never know what is in store

We all take the time to pay our respects when it’s too late
You never ask the family to change that fateful date
You work and you vacation and never look to see
How much a phone from you to this loved one would be

Something they would cherish and look forward to and more
Hoping to you find the time to talk and stay for sure
But, there is always an excuse never to get there you know
Because everyone has places they’d rather be or go

Before it’s too late you need to make sure you say
How much this person means to you each and every day
But, you might not get the chance and how sad it would be
Not only for the person but more for you just wait and see

Saying I wish I had spent some time with my mom or dad is of no use at all
It is too late for that and you know the end result was your call
So, before it is too late make sure you come to see
The one person that did everything not just for you but also for me.

Dear Marcia:
My sister my best friend you will never be far
Just look up in the sky and  you will be the brightest star
Shining upon all of us and guiding our way

Controlling the weather making sure the sun shines on us each day
Your strength and your wisdom will remain inside of all of us you know
Whenever a problem arises will ask ourselves what would Marcia say to do
Guiding us in the right direction so true

Remaining in our hearts we will always love you
I’m still here: Hear My voice: I know where you are?
I am still here never forget me
I am in your hearts and will always be

Close by when you are lonely to guide you each day
Never forget I will always  show you the way
I am your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt and so much more
I had a great life because of all of you and you have much more in store

You are my family, friends and loved ones so true
Never forget I will always be here for you
Your faces will be etched in my mind so clear
My son, daughter, and grandchildren, you are so dear

My husband, my sister, brother and family I have to say
Loved me more than life in each and every way
The doctors and staff who I worked closely with each day
Remember to run the office in my calm, cool, and collected way

You are my second family and I know you will make me proud
When things get out of hand and the office has a rowdy crowd
Just think about what I would do and never forget this
I will be there to guide you whenever things go amiss

I loved coming to work I thrived on each challenge that came through the door
Remember that I will be watching you and guiding you and more
Jamie and Jason, rest assure that I love you so much
My life would not have been fulfilled without your loving touch

To everyone here what I will say is so true
Marcia Wallach will always be watching over you.

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