Intrepid Duo


Intrepid Duo

Intrepid Duo

Imagine boys in summer,
knee-deep in flowing waters,
Jeans above their knees,
hands wet and slimy
with the remnants of a passing frog…or two.

The brine of seaweed
floating there,
Causing ripples in the brook,
As striders skate across the top
and dance along the murky film.

Two boys intrepid in their cause
to catch a passing fish,
Just so they can throw it back,
or eat it
if they wish.

  1. Avatar of theresa
    theresa says

    ahh….so sweet and real

  2. Avatar of paula shene
    paula shene says

    flash back to a summer day – a need in this time of snow and ice – boys and frogs an inseparable combo!

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