Inside This Room


inside this room
A scattering of light

crosses my face – in
lines of darkness as
if you locked me here
for good – I touch
cold iron – rusted –
my palm feels its’ crust

No authority is heard
nor footsteps near –
where light crosses
for a moment it blinds
me from the strongest
point of light

A spatter as if a bird’s
wings swiped across
a window I cannot see,
birds –  birds sleep at night?
Is it night?

My body follows crust
on my palms until it hits a
cold floor – cement –
uneven to the touch
my clothing disheveled,
rumpled – I am not
haphazardly placed
together in this light

Am I owned by just being?
Am I a mistress?
Am I a resident for life?

I hear weaponry –
exploding in my head
In my head – I cover my
head with my arms and
hear, no more.

Will I recall this place

  1. Avatar of Jane Muffay
    Jane Muffay says

    I like the way your associative thoughts blend from one step to the next within your train of thought.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Jane, thanks for the comment. I hope you have time to read some others posted here, I would love your comments to continue. You are kind to take time for other writers. Sincerely, Nancy

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