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Inside A Taxi

Stuck inside a taxi with

no place
to go –

I may know who I am –
or where I have been – but
how did I get in this
taxi with no place to go?

A meter kept spinning –
a stop light
stuck on red, as if it were
hollering at me in its’ own
silent way, “good luck.”

For a moment I thought I
knew where the heck I was –
then nothing seemed familiar –
“Where the hell
are we going? Did we
just pass the Strand?”

People jam sidewalks –
staring out the dirty window
one nearly killed that time. . .

A young man walks as if he was
observing NYC in Times Square
 – where people
walk and never talk –


The taxi man he pointed
in a particular direction
where things are expensive
told me, “That’s the diamond
district,” he turned – he smiled,
I said told him, “Good luck.”

I shoved my hands
In my purse to feel for my
wallet, since I had enough
of this taxi, but had no place
to go. 

There – to my left
the Morning Show was
Live – NBC floated right
outside –
I’m stuck inside this taxi
with no place to go…

“Will someone, Mr. Taxi
man, find out where I’m
going? or where I have
been?” He kept right on driving
never said a word, to him
nothing seemed
important –

until I searched inside my
wallet – no name, no cards,
no notes, and no cash –

Felt inside my pocket and
found a hundred-dollar bill –
my eyes scanned the meter,
yelled, “Let me out of here!
I have this twenty dollar
bill – but please Mr. Taxi tell me
exactly where I at –
I’ve been stuck inside your
taxi with no where else to

Nancy Duci Denofio
All Rights Reserved (c)2011

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