In Time



In time you will find your dance again

Your rhythm will rock forth the birthing of great nations

You will rise and stand among the stars

Planted by a silver moon

You will show true


The daughter of struggle, pain, and chance

You will find your voice again

And it will peal into the daytime’s brightness

Pollination to the flowers of undying breeds

You will be freedom

You will shout out into the distance

And reminisce on life’s lessons

There will not always be pain

And after the storm’s rain pelts upon your back and brow

You will plow the ground and sow seeds

Of reprieve

You will dance again

And sing your song unto the scattering winds

The melody will be carried into the atmosphere

And all that will hear it will be healed

You have been given this mission

This lesson

This life

Filled with pain, bitterness, beauty and strife

To teach those that look but don’t see

To help those that have need

You have been given as a gift

You are a treasure

Something so very sacred

And in time you will appreciate that which you felt to be misery

Contempt, and ignorance

For that is the beauty of your song

And after your time is gone…

Your song will live on.


“And when we are gone, the song will live on, some stranger will hear and will say this is just how I feel, Every line, every moment is true…” Joe Sample f/ Lelah Hathaway from “The Song Lives On”


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