Seduction: In the Safety of our Clothes


In the Safety of our Clothes

In the Safety of our Clothes

Here, settle your back against my round,
soft front in the safety of your clothes,
I’ll wrap my arms around your chest,
twine my restless legs around your resting thighs.

I won’t move and neither will you,
but your muscles will begin to sink
as we both feel the spread of warmth
all in the safety of our clothes.

  1. Avatar of Dung Kashuba
    Dung Kashuba says

    I once thought of a working formula for a happy marriage while standing next a to pool! Your poem reminds me of that moment. Thanks.

  2. Avatar of Brigette Cajucom
    Brigette Cajucom says

    short and to the point – very sensual! thank you for this.

  3. Avatar of Kathy Barney
    Kathy Barney says

    Thank you all!

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