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I’m Doing Just Fine

I'm Doing Just Fine

I’m Doing Just Fine

I’ve got me the pinkeye.
My sciatica hurts.
I’ve got some sort of rash,
and a touch of the squirts.

I can’t find my glasses.
My fungus came back.
I’m allergic to soap,
and there’s a wart in my crack.

I’ve contracted a hangnail.
There’s a rock in my shoe.
I’ve got mild halitosis,
and a skin tag or two.

My wallet got stolen.
My wife threw me out.
I can’t do the tango.
It riles up my gout.

But I’ve learned to adapt.
I’ve not given up hope.
Since my teeth all fell out,
I just floss with a rope.

I’m not one to complain,
and I’m not one to whine.
So to answer your question;
I’m doing just fine.

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