I’m Doing Just Fine


I'm Doing Just Fine

I’m Doing Just Fine

I’ve got me the pinkeye.
My sciatica hurts.
I’ve got some sort of rash,
and a touch of the squirts.

I can’t find my glasses.
My fungus came back.
I’m allergic to soap,
and there’s a wart in my crack.

I’ve contracted a hangnail.
There’s a rock in my shoe.
I’ve got mild halitosis,
and a skin tag or two.

My wallet got stolen.
My wife threw me out.
I can’t do the tango.
It riles up my gout.

But I’ve learned to adapt.
I’ve not given up hope.
Since my teeth all fell out,
I just floss with a rope.

I’m not one to complain,
and I’m not one to whine.
So to answer your question;
I’m doing just fine.

  1. Avatar of yvonne becker
    yvonne becker says

    Mr. Curmudgeon,
    Again, you have shown us your unique style of mingling humor and rhyme to tell a story. A master at WORDS, old and new, to express emotions that not all can.

  2. Avatar of Steve Howard
    Steve Howard says

    You are very kind and generous in your critique Yvonne Becker. I am humbled and very grateful. Thank you very much

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