If the Moon and the Sun Go Out


the moon and the sun
If the moon and the sun go out

we would immediately find eternity –
photographs of our world
would vanish with all forms of life –

No country or kingdom
no land or state – our nation
a place where our universe made
a mistake.

Words have been spoken
loud and clear – on 12/21
something so drastic
is drawing so near –

If the moon and the sun go out
the planet we grew to know
would – simply disappear.

  1. Robert Politz says

    Nicely said Nancy. Although, if such a huge event is going to happen, what will I wear? After all, everyone, and I mean everyone is going to attend so I absolutely have to look totally spectacular… don’t I…? {;p)

    OMG I have to schedule a manni, a pedi, hair, and I’ll get that fabulous makeup artist I met in Germany. Now for some shopping… new dress, heels, bag, diamonds and… and I probably won’t even have to pay the credit card charges because… um, well, you know. {;p)

    1. Robert Politz says

      Sorry. I’m not making fun but I just couldn’t resist playing with the 12-21-2012 idea.

  2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    R.H. could I ever be upset with you – never. I know the reaction, I have heard it a million times, and I will be out singing on the streets, jingle bells with the neighbors. Thanks for the great answer here. Nancy

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