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I Wish I Tumbled

I Wish I Tumbled

I Wish I Tumbled

I wish I tumbled
like rolling waves
of tall green grasses
in a meadow
somewhere beyond the road
that leads
away from here

I would burst out exuberantly
to clothe myself in shades of
purple, yellow, and red
Indian Paintbrushes
Heather and Lilies
such a beautiful cloak
shot through with all the
colors of me

Spilling blooms of every kind
crying out all the things
I ever meant to say
but could not find within
permission to speak aloud
pouring like petals at your feet
rushing from the shadows
and out into the light

I would spin in scents
of sage and lavender
to come to rest
in a dappled shade
of gathering night
and never again fear those
darkening skies

I would pause and
listen to the thunder
growing beyond me
and then I’d just let the rain fall
and wash over me

Feel the drops against
my cheeks
taste them on my tongue
and surrender
myself completely
to the clouds
as they pass
away from me

It would be so wonderful
if only I tumbled
like rolling waves
of tall green grasses

by Cynthia Niswonger
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