I was Easy



Tears riddle my face;
I feel like a fool;
I feel so ignorant;
This would never have happened.

I let down my guard;
A guard of perfect sheet glass;
A wonderful filter for what I wanted;
But it was broken by you.

You came out of nowhere;
Perfect and flawless;
Perfect in every way;
Yet imperfect and real, all the same.

Your ability on me was undeniable;
You did things unbelievable;
You made my heart trickle;
I cannot believe my naivety.

My grey world changed year last;
I couldn’t quite place my feeling;
I couldn’t quite place you;
A whirlwind had erupted.

Now things have changed;
We had a fleeing moment once;
We had a somewhat friendship;
But I ruined that.

Isolated thoughts and emotions;
It was all to do to hide how I felt;
It was enough to not tackle you when I saw you;
I think you knew that though.

I thought you may feel the same;
What a fool was I;
What a cantankerous idiot;
Your love clearly isn’t mine to have.

I now wonder what it was all about;
Our conversation that Friday;
Our jokes and flirtatious behaviour;
Was it anything?

Manipulated and used;
My pride too much to notice;
My eyes blinded;

What am I to do now?

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  1. Avatar of Misty
    Misty says

    I know this work! Great job kid!!

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