I Remember How


I remember how - venus-by-botticelli - never forget

I remember how… 

There was no effort only flow…I remember that contentment was found in each breath, and that seems like so long ago…I remember how inspired I’d write for hours and hours on end…in its beginning, my pen was my friend…now I feel fiend to it, like drug addict with bad habit…I remember how it came to this too…where I lost myself, and we fell through…I remember how the slow demise of that which was greater took shape of something sinister and transformed me into someone unrecognized…I remember how I was restored time and time again…. 

I remember how it felt to stand in love’s presence and be acutely aware of all shortcomings yet they meant nothing…to you. 

I remember how my frowns turned to smiles in your heartbeat and in your eyes…all was perfection… 

I remember exactly when and how we lost all direction… 

I remember how…and I will never forget.

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