I Live for my Dreams


I Live for my Dreams

I Live for my Dreams

She comes to me in dreams at night.
And holds me as she used to do.
But disappears by morning light
So I am left to grieve anew…

There’s no one left to comfort me
My family is long since gone.
I wait for nightfall eagerly
Just for a while, I’m not alone.

Each night before I sleep I pray
My love will come to visit me.
Although I’ll face another day
of loneliness and misery.

They say that passing time will heal.
For some perhaps it may be true.
But not for me because I feel
the anguish still of losing you.

I know somewhere you wait for me.
You can’t return and won’t go on.
You know we have eternity.
That I will follow where you’ve gone.

When death released you from your pain.
And left your spirit free to fly.
You promised me we’d meet again.
Now all I do is wonder why.

Fate decided that we should be.
Forced to go our separate ways
Parted arbitrarily.
Condemning me to lonely days.

She comes to me by night in dreams
and holds me as she used to do
When for a while at least it seems
as if my dreams will soon come true.

I pray each night I will not wake.
To be set free to rejoin you.
A journey I will gladly make.
There’s nothing here for me to do.

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