I Have No Choice


Why do I love you……?

I love you because I have no choice. You moved inside my heart before you ever even entered my vessel. You wrote a song that I learned the lyrics to in the middle of the night. Inside a dream I thought was dormant.

I love you because I have no choice……

The first time I felt you it was not between my legs that you so firmly hold in the middle of the love sessions that tonight I am longing for. No I felt you between the lines of words that were so powerful I still get choked up when you speak..

I love you because I have no choice…….

The first time I fell in love with your smile you were not even near enough for me to feel your strong chin that now props my head up when you are gliding inside my hot spot providing me with feelings so deep I find it hard to walk and desperate to crawl back under.

I love you because I have no choice….

The first time I made love to you I had my clothes on and you were a thousand miles away and you were caressing me with your tongue as words of courage and strength rang out on my screen. I thought that I was immune to such power and then you took control of me and drew me near. Yes, you pulled me close to you and into your bed and into your heart from over a thousand miles away. And this is where I feel safe.

I love you because I have no choice………

You are the best thing inside my heart. Even my blood is weak without you. I know that you have had the best of everything and yet you chose me. If ever I had a choice it would be to live inside your heart where I am safe tonight. Because I believe in you and I love you ..

Because I have no choice.

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    Andrew Sacks says

    Cynthia, beautifully done!

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