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I Hate to Love You (Lost Love)

I Hate to Love You
I hate to love you.

Your kiss is like a bullet to my brain

and your touch is like a knife to my heart.

A cut so deep the vein is in half.

Energy and time to your attention

i’ll never get back.

I hate to love you.

Your words are spikes through my love,

when you say you love me

it’s like i’m standing on fire….

Like i’m a target to the gun you shoot

tears from my eyes

from every lie you told

and every vein is cut 

is the pain hidden from the truth.

All the guilt that i have in my mind

is a tornado headed for destruction,

I hate to love you.

yet my heart,

has no price , just a beat for who it beats for,

i suppose it’s a lost love.

Just a lost love.

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