I Enter…


cyber mermaid,, I Enter…
I enter…
( the online dating world of The Cyber Mermaid )

A public gallery
A viewing den
A screen full of men
Row upon row upon row
Of men on show

Round and round they go

A ‘Happy Fishing’ merry-go-round
An arrivals and departures lounge
Checking in, checking out
Love or lust bound

Round and round they go –


– like contestants
On an elimination show

Extract from The Cyber Mermaid, modern dating diary. ‘Happy Fishing’ is the fictional dating site that features in the diary.

  1. cyber mermaid,, I Enter…
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Topical and timely, and witty as well! Good job.

  2. cyber mermaid,, I Enter…
    konradtademar says

    I feel so eliminated.

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