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I Cried to Dream

I cried to dream again –

You were there
I saw you in my dream

I could touch you, hear you,
make you smile
instead you told me you
couldn’t stay, you could not take
me with you.

I cried to dream again,
buried my head into
my feather pillow –
whispered, dream – dream. . .

but nothing happened.
I continued to whisper,
dream –

I want to see
you one more time –
one more second.
Your eyes stared at me,
while slender legs
walked away from me –
I watched as you walked
never turning around.

Now you are here in this
dream staring at me, looking
into my eyes, such a familiar
I whispered, as my lips moved
face down into cotton and
feathers as tears coated white –

I wanted to drift into
a cloud, so I cried to dream

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