I Am in Motion…


Frustrated, in pain, but… I am in motion.

Motion begets motion, while rest begets rest.
Only that which is in motion can join with the motion of the universe.
Do we ride on the road? Or does the road ride under us?
Motion is the sequence, the event is not stationary.
That which is stationary is a thing, a dead lump.
Life is motion, why are you moving? I am alive.

One cannot contain infinity in a book
One cannot define nothings by a mere circle
Thoughts are alive too
Each life is a single thought in the universe

I am in motion
My thoughts are in motion
I am swimming with the current of the universe
I am carried on the thoughts of others
My mind is gliding
My thoughts are in harmony
The wind of the universal music is lifting me
I am thinking thoughts of motion
The movement is swift and purposeful
I am one with the motion
Love is a motion, love is emotion

The impact of love on the body…
…is like the caress of sun rays on the surface of the water
The motion of love shapes the fabric of the universe
Emotions contort the dimensions of mind
At the height of it all lies the revelation
Love drives the mechanism of the machinery of God
Particles of sub-atomic deviousness
Steal into the gaps occupied by the soul

When the mind yearns to be free
The motion the yearning makes
The wobbles it creates in the satin sheets of cosmos
Attract the motion of love
Love is an event
Love is an explosion of emotional chords
A music played out on the harpsichord of the spirit

God is the pianist, his fingers are the electromagnetic spectrum
And the human soul is His grand composition
A soliloquy to love gained or lost
An anthem to the motion of love across the skin of life

Perhaps interruptions
Are like birthdays, ushering in new thoughts for the day
Perhaps pain is an interruption of pleasure
Ushering in the appreciation of happiness

I am speeding in frozen mid-flight
I am an arrow suspended in time
My motion is the movement of the galaxies
My strangeness is the awareness of passing
Some moods are meant to be strange
As the strangeness of the universe conspires
I dream the universe awake

What we do, we do to ourselves
There is a melancholia permeating the essential
A dilemma of suns and stars
Super novae and quarks
I am the graviton necessary for Einstein
I am the tachyon wished for by Wells
Sleep the madness, and make it sing
There is beauty in binary stars
Comparable only to the Psalms
This is the Genesis of our human Calvary
To go forth in painful slow motion
And witness the decay of creation

There is a law of nature apparent in grass
As readily as it is visible in the fog of Jupiter
The self organizing principle of chaos
God is a principle, a mathematical equation
I am rewiring my brain
With each decision I make, each choice
Is an assault on my mind

I am calibrating my supernatural senses
To mirror the grand equation
To hear the whisper of the solution
To perceive at the moment of my transcendence
A reincarnated resurrection
Of the word of creation
I am in motion
Action is a hidden name of God

Frustrated, in pain, but… I am in motion.

September 21, 2011 – Konrad Tademar


  1. Avatar of Stellina
    Stellina says

    You are undoubtedly a rare talent among many poets here on Angie’s, and I’m always reading you pieces and like many of them, love some of them, but “melancholia permeating the essential”, the essential being?
    (I ask this as an agnostic, aware of your inclination towards the divine)
    Love, Stellina B.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Hi – you brought through the stars, into the universe, and beyond – yet through the fear – love – anger – you remained in motion. Interesting, and creative. Sincerely, Nancy

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