How to Cope in the Coronavirus Era?


Cope in the Coronavirus Era, How to Cope in the Coronavirus Era?

How to Cope in the Coronavirus Era?

If we’re all on house arrest,
It puts our assets to the test.
Mope and groan and wilt away–
Or, rather, should we seize the day?

Read and write, and learn apace,
And meet all with a happy face.
Create, envision, and produce!
Loosen that imagined noose.

Revel in the time you hold
To fashion, forge, and break the mold.
Use the time to make a start,
Not to rue an aching heart.

  1. Wanda Joyce White says

    Love this Andrew. A great testament to positivity in a dangerous morbid time.

  2. Joyce White says

    Beautiful words for ugly subject. A subtle contradiction made to lessen the fear around us. Inspiring write. Joyce

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