Hitting The Media With A Poetic Piledriver


Thanks to the Media

The apocalypse will not come

in the form of four horsemen.

It has already arrived as 180 channels

of pre-packaged, pre-fabricated,

artificially inseminated, pre-meditated

aggravated assault.

Thanks to the media,

statutory rape now occurs

every time a minor turns the TV on

and is violated

by Jerry Springer, reality shows,

and commercials for 1-800-I’m Barely Legal.

Thanks to the media,

a remote control is now a semi-automatic

and channel surfing is homicide

as the minds of children petrify

at the mercy of digital cable.

This is no fable.

The body count rises every day

as children no longer go out to play.

They’re too busy being seduced

by images of Paris Hilton, Britney and Amy Winehouse

telling them wealth and power

are more important than education.

It’s a devastation

that the media has convinced children

there is a University of PlayStation

care of the media’s penetration

a mind gives birth to an illegitimate thought

every time the TV is turned on.

Thanks to the media,

I know more about Brad and Angelina’s travel plans

than why 50% of inner-city schools

do not have libraries.

Thanks to the media,

a child could give a damn about

John Coltrane

Miles Davis

Thelonius Monk

Charlie Parker

Bud Powell

Duke Ellington

Count Basie

Ornette Coleman

Louis Armstrong

Jimmy Cobb

Elvin Jones

Etta James

Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughn

Aretha Franklin

Mahalia Jackson

BB King

Robert Johnson

Muddy Waters

Maya Angelou

Toni Morrison

Saul Williams

Sonia Sanchez

Jessica Care Moore

Tony Medina

Reg E. Gaines

Paul Beatty







Hilary Hahn

Rachel Yamagata

Yo Yo Ma

Renee Fleming

London Symphony

Bob Dylan

John Lennon

Thom Yorke

Gil Scott Heron

Jim Morrison

Amiri Baraka


Public Enemy

The Last Poets

Van Gogh


Jackson Pollack

Balthasar Van Der Ast


Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix

Jerry Garcia

Grand Funk Railroad

Sugar Hill Gang

James Brown

Rainer Maria Rilke

Kurt Vonnegut

Tom Wolfe

Kwame Dawes

Khalil Gibran

Nikki Giovanni

Etheridge Knight

Dylan Thomas

Emily Dickinson

William Wordsworth

Walt Whitman

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King

Mother Theresa

Jane Austen

The Bronte Sisters

Thomas Hardy

Charles Dickens

William Thackeray

Tito Puente

Pablo Neruda

Harriet Tubman

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ernest Hemingway

Salvador Dali

JD Salinger

James Joyce

Robert Frost

Robert Pinsky

Sylvia Plath

Langston Hughes

Jack Kerouac

William Burroughs

Allen Ginsberg

Alvin Ailey

TS Eliot










and architecture.

Thanks to the media,

we are led to believe

terrorists only live

in the projects and the Middle East.

These days,

they need look no further than Wall Street

Thanks to the media,

assault and battery now occurs

in high definition broadband surround sound

as our minds are taken to the impound

Courtesy of MTV



and DirecTV.

Thanks to the media,

lies perpetuate at twice the rate

that a child’s mind evolves

as it revolves around the perception

That there is no repentance

The media is bound to live

an infinite, consecutive, executive life sentence

for putting our children’s minds in front of the gun.

There is no justice

We risk losing everyone

because the media is and always will be

public enemy number one

one one one

one one one

By Scott Lyman

  1. Opasaila says

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece – I’ll be back for more!

  2. brokenwindowtheory says

    Cheers Opasaila. I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be posting more in the near future.

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