He Hears Us


prayers, He Hears Us

God hears our
prayers, thoughts, words
moments of despair.
Gravitate to Him
in all weather-
sunny, cloudy, stormy
whenever; He listensprayers, He Hears Us.

I sought my
heart and soul
struggled with decisionprayers, He Hears Us
A weight now
lifted; storm sifted
like sand through
a funnel, problem
solved partially, yet
not all the way
struggles exist to
build our character
sometimes we need
to be broken
to be yet
remolded once again.

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  1. prayers, He Hears Us
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Change is like day and night as we view the world, and as you stated “remolded once again.” These are three words that brought the true meaning of your poem to the surface. Thanks Meg. Sincerely, Nancy

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