How Can I Have all this and Not be Happy?


Have all this and Not be Happy

How Can I Have all this and Not be Happy?

How can I have all this
And still not be happy
How do I feel so alone?
With so many surrounding me
Words are my pain
Life is my canvas
Experience is my shame
Depression is seductive
It’s a strange place to be
When you can’t trust yourself
Trying to find strength
From a bottle on the shelf
The tears hit the floor
And echoes in my ears
I have to look in the mirror
In order to face my fears
The broken child looking back at me
Winks with a mischievous eye
Today is another day
When are you going to start living your life?
Yeah been there done that
But now I found a new kind of lonely
How can I have all this
And still not be happy?
  1. Avatar of Dyman Khonneth Yahaya
    Dyman Khonneth Yahaya says

    It’s a good poem.
    The concept is brilliant. Going through it over and over again, I feel the title would have been more powerful if it were “Unhappy”. The reason for this being; there’s nothing happy taking place. If anything at all, it’s just a wish of how things could be.

  2. Avatar of George Canizales
    George Canizales says

    The poem reminds me of a reacurring snapshoot of emotion in one’s life. We try to define our living of life by various degrees of happiness and companionship to ourselves and each other. Each soul is a piece of the puzzle, making no sense till bruised,battered, comforted and loved. Alone in our thoughts we are a fetus sensing a greater good, the emptiness a motivation to define our faith.

  3. Avatar of Rebecca
    Rebecca says

    This poem was a tribute to someone I know and love dearly who struggles with depression and spends his life trying to find answers. The message is, sometimes there is no reason to be unhappy we just are, some people have the ability to accept this feeling then pick themselves up, some people do not. It is not possible to be happy all the time, life is suffering it is about how we handle those trials not the trial itself. I hope that makes sense? But thank you all for the comments.

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