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Has it Gone?

Has it Gone?
When a falling heart was on the street of hollowness,

In the cold and its heart was frozen
And it desperately needed its frozen heart melted,
Love came.

It promised this love, love,
Love that has never been promised to any mortal.

And love took you
To the restaurant of plenty when cold has disappeared
And the sun lit the world,
And every hunger was attended,
Cold and chill were replaced by warmth and grace.

You promised love abundance of love
And you made all mortals jealous.

Love took you to the soft bed of soft feathers
When the sun has gone,
The moon was round and full up there,
The stars blaze their agreements, blessings and prayers.

You reechoed those promises
And mortals wished your love was theirs.

Love is all alone now in the cold,
The heat of the sun burns the heart of love;
Love sleeps with pillows in the nights.

The moon, the stars
And all mortals wonder,
Where have all those promises gone;
A broken heart what can mend?

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