God’s Door


God's Door

God’s Door

‘Want to knock on His door,
But what is the certainty that He is in?
Are you there, dear God?
There seems not to be any sound coming from the inside,
Only the vibrations of the knocker’s presence in all frailties
And the voices and whisperings of the winds.

Are you indeed in there, God
In the holiness of your Chambers?
Are you really in there
Because all this while ‘have knocked
Yet you have decided to be silent.

Of what use is your silence
When your creature suffers to be in your presence;
To dwell at your table
To be a partaker of your edibles
From your well-cultivated vineyard?

‘Was never told your silence created the world,
But by your words and in the power and grace those words effected
The grandeur of your creativity,
Now, why should ‘take solace in your lofty silence and your absented presence?

Dear God, have ‘not sought you
And did you not say ‘should seek you and ‘shall find you?
Where are you in this seeking?

Or ‘should seek you outside your lofty holy Chambers
Where different creativities and vultures are resident
And your creativity is shattered on fast railroads?

Why your door would not be opened
In this knocking?
Or answers being provided in this quest?

God, in the humility of hearts
And in the progress of souls
And the peaceful walk of spirits.
Hear the sound of this heavy knocking,
Heed the urgency of this seeking
Have your door opened!

It is not demanded;
You are reminded
In case you have forgotten
In the holiness of your silence
The very promises you spoke out with your voicelessness.

Or for how long shall the world be a Job
And you play the inevitable protagonist

How long the door shall be knocked?
How long shall the heart seek you?
How long shall the tongue question your grace and magnificence
And you decide to engage in your provocative silence?

Or you have become a God of silence
Of lost authority
Or of internal mockery
Giving celebrations to vultures and creativities;
A God whose heart is gladdened
At the rot of His labourious task?

Open the door to this knocker
Your grace to this seeker
And answers to the quest;
Prove yourself worthy,
For you are worthy indeed!

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