Fundaciones – Foundations


The dust
and inconstant glaciers
the dust
and the slow the immovable
the dust
the expansive
the efflorescent
in contours and sounds
heavy or light
and the dust
oxidations bellow aluminum clouds
and the dust
giant flowers
you fail in making tectonic earthquakes
rodent deserts
and the relapse of the dust
and the dust of the bones
the air of dust
a wasted dusty sky
the dust of the thresholds
bellow the livid sun
the nights of nebulous fires
the sudden fire
the erratic snowdrifts
and the ocean of dust
Life without image or resemblance.

by Juan Liscano
Translated by Ron Rodriguez©2010

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  1. Dana Goodman says

    My compliments!
    Even after translation it stands out.

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