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Fun House


“Stand over there – laugh.
One arm stretches to touch your feet –
your face, your chin disappeared –
what happened to your neck?
Your head – it’s missing ears!”

“Turn a little to your right –
look – your short
pudgy – little thing – fat thighs –
thighs are as wide as your body;
no feet left to carry you around.”

“I don’t like the fun house, and
Where is your head? You have
Sunk into a massive chest – didn’t
I tell you, you have big ones.”

“You wanted to come here – remember?
Slide – slide and turn a bit –
look at your face, your eyes
bulging out of your head – those
lips,” she begins to laugh, “puffed
like a fish – I knew you could wiggle
your ears, but they were never pointed
now – right there, now you’re an elf.”

“I thought you loved me, but I can’t
Help but laugh – you’re looking better,
better then you do out in the open – you
know I am joking, you are perfect, and
that smile is back.”

“Don’t worry, we will return next year.”

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