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From Sorrow To Acceptance

On sorrows’ wings I journeyed to a land where I had never been.

Each loss was undiscovered country, landscapes I had never seen, mountains I had never climbed.

I had taken a journey past familiar landmarks I missed, and memories that were past.

I had buried the familiar stories and neglected the happiness, which lay buried deep beneath the earth,only now and then pushing to the surface.

I drank from bitter springs and sat among the weeds, neglecting to seperate them from the flowers.

Beheld only the sunsetting but forgot the beauty in each new day.

When I had shed enough tears, I remembered the laughter echoing in the valley and heard the birds chirping a new song.

And then, I saw the sun reflecting on the water.
And instead of weeds, I saw flowers.

Where there were empty patches of dirt, I saw seedlings and the possibility of new beginnings.

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