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Friends and Lovers

Speaking of topics, that two can relate,

as an artist uses color, to draw and create

Someone to talk with, one on one,
as flowers grow from the heat of the sun

A person to travel with down to the sea,
as wind goes through branches of an oak tree

Time you spend talking is such a pleasure,
as deep sea divers, find a buried treasure.

Dreams you have are one in the same,
as youngsters find enjoyment in a new game

Making plans, doing things together as a team,
as fish in a pond, travel downstream

Laughing and joking you learn so much more,
just as eagles have the sky to soar

Acquiring a good friend is so hard to find,
just as debaters need to make up their mind

You hope this relationship lasts a long time,
as great drinks contains a lemon and a lime

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