Four Thousand Years Ago


nile, Four Thousand Years Ago
Four Thousand years ago

The Nile ran red
Red with the blood of a people yearning for freedom!
Five hundred years ago
The Hudson ran red

Red with the blood of a people losing their homes to the new kids on the block.
Twenty years ago
Los Angeles burned
burned with the fires of hatred

of promises too long left unkept
Last week Egypt burned
burned with the fires of freedomnile, Four Thousand Years Ago
the dawn of a new era

and the worlds first bloodless revolution ever!
Four thousand years ago the Nilenile, Four Thousand Years Ago ran red
What color will it run for me?

  1. Hannah Schmidt says

    Very nice imagery – lovely poem.
    I’ll keep an eye out for your work…:)

  2. Paula Shene says

    Really hits on the gut level..good imagery

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