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For Our Own Good

For Our Own Good

For Our Own Good

It is not out of naivety Neither cowardice nor bravery
It is simply a matter of spontaneity
That I make my way to reach harmony
Through courtesy and behaving genteelly

So don’t think you are wiser
Superior or even smarter
It is simply I want to go further
And help you refine your behavior
To make our coexistence better

I tightly hug friendship
Though you regenerate hatred and hardship
And do your best to spoil my life trip
Beware! Life won’t give you a tip
Only bitterness is what you will sip

I believe in peace
Despite your malice
That feeds your own caprice
Beware! Greed will make you obese
And then you will sorely belch every piece

I believe in tolerance
Despite your arrogance
That feeds your foolishness and ignorance
Beware! Respect, demureness, love, and patience
Are not my weaknesses but my weapons

My friend, your tendency to despise
Won’t take you any further or stop sunrise
Please open your heart and eyes
And with others, you should harmonize
Winning people’s love is the best prize


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