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The Food Chain

The Food Chain

The Food Chain

He looks;
The world is not
what he wanted
but different:
Another reality.
Oppressive nature
bludgeons in from all sides

is illusion,”
he tells himself;
expresses, desires and needs
what he can do,
subverting his will
despite his intentions.

Food chain
of which he is
the topmost part,
lonely in power.
Fetid excretions of mind
first easily
then more forcibly
extracted by the herd.

Why must
poor helplessness
be the standard
of humanity:
flaccid mediocrity
which he must feed
with his essence
slowly killing his mind?

he wants to fail;
to sink into
the stinking mire;
smothering putrefaction
of human stink
first assailing
then overcoming thought.

He sees
his body fails,
his mind shut down,
now comatose
lying flat in white bedsheets
eyes closed tightly.
This vision fills him
with overwhelming joy.

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