A Flight to Remember


open heart Surgery, A Flight to Remember
When my mom got sick in 1994

I had no idea what would be in store
She was so ill she had to have open heart
Surgery that would take her whole chest apart

It all began with the Leer Jet from hell you see
Two pilots and a paramedic who were miserable to both my mom and me
The plane took off from Teterboro in nine inches of snow
For a five-hour ride to USCD in California to save her life you know

But, as soon as we took the pilots were looking at a map and trying to stay cool
In reality a dangerous fool was running the plane
Not really concern about my mom at all
The pilots and paramedic were drinking coffee and having a ball

Not once did they care about whether we were all right
This I knew would result in a big fight
When my mom asked for ice chips and for water you see
The paramedic over medicated her right in front of me

This led to words between us and I told him this too
You better make sure that you tell me what you give her before you do
But, before things got worse the pilot did land
Causing me to fall out of my seat and hurt my hand

The seats on this plane did not really exist
I was sitting on something smaller than my wrist
Not only wasn’t there food, water or a bathroom on this flight
Imagine the pilot handing you a bedpan and having to go sitting upright

With three blankets over my head I tried to not get too wet
I thought about the indignity and still another chink in the net
I could not believe what happened after we finally did land
The door of the plane fell on the pilot and broke his hand

I did not know whether to laugh or cry
I just looked at him and felt know pity I bet you could figure out why
A gray haired man alighted from another Leer Jet I saw
He said he was the President of the company I told him the score

I asked if his plane was in good operating order to fly
He asked what the question was for and I told him why
You see my mom is quite sick and I told him the bare facts
I told him the problems and what his airline lacks

He went to a phone while I used one of his
Calling my brother to stop the 12,500 dollar check for his biz
They had to get a new pilot to replace the one with the broken hand
Hopefully they will find one who came go up and safely land

Well a trip that supposed to take 6 hours or less but no more
Took 16 hours and I was out to settle a score
We landed in the middle of the night in an airport that you could barely see
With an ambulance waiting and another paramedic who greeted me

We went to the hospital and settled my mom with the staff
I saw the paramedics who did nothing but laugh
The next morning I was called to the hospital because she was really bad
The staff that greeted me looked upset and really scared

They said they were not sure whether we got there in time
I refused to believe it and told them I knew she would be fine.
Never before had they met anyone like me they said
Looking at me with eyes that only had dread

The doctors and nurses at UCSD I will never forget
They saved her life and I guess the flight from hell I cannot regret
She is still here and my family is grateful to them you know
Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s got her six years ago

Miracles do happen and I believe it that true
I hope that there is a cure in my lifetime and hers too.

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