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knees diagonal to the ground
mom’s sweater resting on my
back – sweeping near sand –

frozen toes protrude 
scuffed sandals

heartless is the forest 
in the night – when color
vanishes from the sky, bodies
shake with siezure as shivers
crawl up your spine

now standing near a source
of light, growing brighter – 
a fireside, a source of kindling
wood – face red as heat warms
my body

clutched in tiny hands
a sturdy twig
a stillness in the forest
waiting for my turn, as my 
eyes stare directly into flames
finally, a plastic bag is passed
along – two fluffy marshmallows
attached to a twig – 

promptly toasting, eating and
observing the amount left in
the bag – I count to myself


Nancy Duci Denofio
(c)2011 all rights reserved


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