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Fire in The Dream

Fire in The Dream

Fire in The Dream

She is fire
behind glass
deep in the
coolness of
a watery blue
bits of her
scattered and wavering
in wobbly light

She is passion
and spark shimmering
in flight of fireflies
flame in her spirit
ashes spinning away
scattering back to the earth
banked quiet and low
on the dreams
she holds inside

She is also fluid and vast
twining in the arms of
ocean corals
swaying with the
currents of her emotions
joys and sorrows ebb and flow
in silent dance
advancing and retreating
she rolls deep from within

She is all at once
everything you see and
so much more that you do not
so much more than most can see
a world glanced over by passerby

She lives there in dueling lives
water and embers combined
biding her time
she hides patiently
behind the sweetness of her smile
but contained within her is
fire and dream~

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