Finding Love in Human Nature



Evolution favors us, but compared to man,
We’re built inside out and upside down with an ugly face.
We have no bones, our skeleton external,
To grow we must molt which takes a little trouble.

Like man, most of us live to work, mate and die,
No time for fun, we live so briefly.
Some of us have neither Mouths nor Stomachs,
And will never eat at all.

Can you catch the scent of your LOVE,
Downwind like the moth?
Most like man, we are obsessed with light,
Following it even into death usually when our two worlds collide.

I pass my short time watching the garden spider
Weave his intricate web for me.
But it’s the constant buzz of the neighboring beehive
That reminds me how sweet even a short life can be.

I imagine a tiny honeybee was probably diving
Onto a honeybee orchid somewhere,
Braking on a soft petal and tasting her candied nectar,
While walking into the flower of love.




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    Joyce White says

    Thanks for publishing my poem. I loved the picture above and if you are like me, you might want to check out Man is a Worm – –

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