Find Your Voice


His Master's Voice

Get in where you fit in
But where is that
What mark should you make
What path should you take

You have a responsibility
To shape our world in its entirety
To bring awareness to our plight
Sexism, racism, poor education and healthcare is our fight

We live in modern times
But are governed by leaders with prehistoric minds
Covert prejudice fills our lives daily
Socially conscious, politically active we must be

Ignorance cannot be our excuse
Knowledge is power, we have the juice
But how do we make a stand
What is the first step towards fighting “the man”

Search within see what your heart says
Reflect on and draw from your personal experiences
The same issues and prejudices you encounter happen to me
These are the same obstacles that challenge our community

Write your thoughts, experiences, and solutions
Spread your written word shed light on our conditions
Change is not easy coming or swift
Though most of us lay by watching for someone else to uplift

Instead, choose to find your voice
Eradicating oppression is our only choice

~KW I.S.

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  1. Kathy Barney says

    Well said!

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