Before They Fell


Before they fell you were so vibrant so bold
You spoke your mind but you did what you were told
You were so beautiful and good on the inside and out
When people met you that loved you no doubt

Bright, intelligent and a whole lot more
Making everyone around you want to spend time with you galore
Every day you spent with me was so special and so great you see
As your teacher for two years, your memory will hold fast to me

Everyone that you spent time within our school and in your family so true
Knew that you Janine had rare qualities that made you – YOU
You always strove to be the best and succeeded more than you know
Your smile and bright eyes always set the room aglow

Then one day something happened to take this all away
Sending a plane into the building where you were supposed to spend your day
Working hard at the job you just got and were so proud of doing and more
Allowing you to succeed in the world of business and having only good things for you in store

But, at 28 years old your life was taken from us
By a group of people who thought they’d create more than a fuss
They sent a plane into the first tower where you were on the 105th floor
Never realizing at the time that the end for you and everyone else was in store

When I heard the news from your mother in school one afternoon
I could not bear to think that the world was without you so soon
Before they fell you had so much to tell the world you see
Let these words ring out true you will not ever be silent because you will speak through me.

Dedicated to Janine Gonzales my student in a special program in a class of extraordinary students that I had the honor of teaching for two years. Janine was in both my fifth and sixth-grade classes and went on to become an executive in Anon, which was in the first tower.

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  1. Avatar of Dr.subhendu kar
    Dr.subhendu kar says

    wonderful tribute to Janine Gonzales,quite poignant write, heart wrenching too

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