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Fathers and Daughters

You lean over wood

as if dying –
but my arm supports
you – my love
connects – arm to arm
I feel it under my
skin – it flows through
my blood – and this
power I have I share
with you.

Your eye’s talk for you,
and I understand where
you have been – where
you still want to be –
but as you lean on
wood – watch as your
mouth sucks in air – those
eye’s feel the edge of
life – they look smaller
as if  – you are

You bring tears to my
eyes – yet I turn, hide as
if a child – not wanting  a
friend to see my true
feelings – tears because
I see the man who
pushed my swing – who
guided me as I slid down
a slide – who had tears in
his eye’s when I wore
white, and placed a penny
in my shoe.

Your pain I feel it too
and want to lean on wood
for you – for us – for
all the years you – were
my pillar – of my life
and now I search for help
to make you smile – as
a child searches for a
playmate on a deserted

You know – I know your
friends are gone – left you
alone, but you are filled
by their love deep inside
your heart –
love – never changes,
it only grows deeper,
thicker, stronger, as roots
of a tree – as roots spread
beneath the ground – our
ground – our life – as I grab
your arm – take a few more
steps and search for the
pillar you need –
to stay alive – today.

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