Fast Writing Poetry Prompt For The Day


If the sun and moon should doubt
they’d immediately go out.
the stars in the sky never a twinkle
the moon would not show a splendor sprinkle
of its beauty
of its light
always in a world of dark
never showing the sun and moons radiant light
with the sun doubting
the rain would be shouting
the moon delight
would not be seen at night
because of doubt
the lights of beauty would go out.

  1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Meg I am so pleased by your words regarding prompts in fast writing, on GOT POETRY, on facebook. It has been so much fun watching this process and with a simple prompt hear words exit a persons mind and soul. You have an energetic flavor with fast writing. This is one of my favorite ways of writing and I know how much you have enjoyed this process. Congratulations on the poem and your words – Angie has once more placed a wonderful photo to compliment your poem. With best regards, always Nancy

  2. Jerri says

    How beautiful and profound. I am very proud of you.
    Congratulations. With love, Jerri

  3. Eleanie says


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