Fall into Time


your eyes are closed as time
falls through your life – remember
but forgetting more as if our minds
are crowded with visitors of the

drawing pictures -searching for a
face among many tossed into a box
of yesterday, falling, time is now
an space of black and white faces –
age doesn’t matter now – life has
dished out strawberries, whip cream
and love

you were once his diamond – now
lost among the faces in a box, as if
too wonder why you have survived

falling through your fingers – time, 
those faces of yesterday  are faded
as your mother’s apron, your father’s
piece suit – more cardboard, more

stuff – you close the cardboard box,
but a can of Right Guard, a brown can
flung into the garbage – and who, 
will want these memories when it is their

time for memories to fall through
fingers – boxes piled higher – you find a
pair of pearls – you close your eyes
 – holding flowers  – your ring finger

soon to display a wedding band –
to match the diamond – one you lost
so long ago, you laugh, remembering

you left behind your  luggage, camera,
and makes up.  He had no idea
the cost to keep a woman – as rice fell
from his suitcase, and his fly was sewn
on his bathing trunks.

You are laughing so hard you begin to cry
 – he takes you to the five and dime – you
refused to place that stuff onto your face,

it ages you – as time – as opened boxes –
if only you were beneath the wooden

bench as headlights hit us, and you
made love in sand – at the lake, bare chested,
sun glasses in the evening caught headlights –
your smile caught my eye – so I continue to fly

as time falls through my fingers, eyes closed
remembering those days –feeling your arm
around my waist – both arms – you, kissing
my neck

but there is a space between the clutter
where you have been when I was traveling
finding my self – then returning to love you – 
you were off with another

it took a simple flower – several kisses, our
days seemed to be endless until I opened my
eyes and time never stood still.

Nancy Duci Denofio


  1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Eileen I never did give that a thought, it’s strange how our minds tend to connect one story into another – yes, the times have changed, and while I am turning the pages, I search, as I searched through the cardboard boxes, at faces, and more. The same identical thing I was looking for, in a magazine. Perfect Eileen. Thanks so much. Nancy

  2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    That’s interesting how you pulled those two together, and you are right. I never thought about it until now. Thanks so much for your thoughts and words, Sincerely, Nancy

  3. Eileen Browne says

    Thanks for posting this. Fine work indeed.

    1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

      Thanks Eileen, it’s great to have you here to read – and how true it is when people see time fly and never believed it would when life began. Sincerely, Nancy

    2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

      Thanks Eileen, great to have you here at Angie’s to read the work I post. I am pleased you take extra time to read the work, and believe me I appreciate it. Always, Nancy

  4. Daphne.Shapiro says

    A great piece: I have advertised it on Twitter and Facebook just now.

    1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

      Thank you so much Daphne, I appreciate having you here, as you know, and your comments. Sincerely, Nancy

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