Face Of Destiny


Face Of Destiny

Face Of Destiny

You, a face of destiny
Standing alone at times
In your guided God dreams
Destiny, destiny, destiny!

We all have one
Search the soul to find it
You, a face of destiny,
you have a calling

A choice
A voice
A thought
A sound

You, a face of destiny,
All it takes is one voice to raise a weathered crowd
Just one voice,
One message,

One thought
That is spoken out loud
You, a face of destiny
Speak now!

Use your talent to voice
Stand up and speak now
You, a face of destiny,
For your vote matters today

Although you silently speak alone,
today, on a ballot
and not among a crowd.

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  1. Avatar of theresa
    theresa says

    I read your bio and i am glad you kept writing. This poem speaks of the heart and only a person who has known both passion and pain could of written these words. Blessings to you! The inner voice has spoken

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